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Genome Dynamics and Adaptation of cultivated Plants

We aim at characterizing the nucleotidic, structural and epigenomic variations that are involved in the regulation of genome expression and adaptation of populations.

Structural variation of genomes

We are investigating structural polymorphisms (presence/absence of genes, Transposable Elements - TEs) in order to assess their impact on the structure and evolution of genomes. More specifically we are interested in : (1) analyzing their characteristics and genome location; (2) studying TE dynamics and reactivation in response to stresses ; (3) understanding the selective processes that rule the evolution of TE families and multigene families (maintenance of duplicated genes).

Evolution of gene expression

We are assessing how the evolutionary history of species and genomes influence modifications of gene expression using three model processes in various species : (1) polyploidy with the monitoring of modifications through time from the hybridization between parental genomes to the resulting polyploid ; (2) at the intraspecific level, we are investigating how structural and epigenomic variation influence gene expression ; (3) a model based on a divergent selection experiment in wich we aim at identifying modifications of gene expression through time. All analyzes are carried at a genome wide scale with high throughput sequencing technologies. Several gene networks related to epigenetic regulation and adaptation to environmental stresses are considered.

Molecular bases of adaptation

We are investigating the molecular bases of adaptation at a global scale (species) and local scale (populations) by employing an integrative approach that combines niche modeling, population genomic on various types of polymorphisms (nucleotidic, structural, epigenetic), measures of phenotypes in field conditions, association mapping as a first step to the functional validation of those polymorphisms.

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