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Biology of Adaptation, Systems in Evolution

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We aim at modeling the complexity of genotype-phenotype map and its evolutionary consequences to better understand how a population adapts to a new environment. The originality of the team is to develop both modeling and experimental approaches to integrate the variety of mechanisms that sustain evolution.

Our favorite model species are bakery yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and corn (Zea mays mays).

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Genome dynamics

Some traits like recombination rate, gene architecture and mating system are submitted to selection at the species level and condition present genetic diversity.

Variability in life history traits and genotype-phenotype maps

The complex inheritance of life-history traits emerge from the functioning of genes and metabolic networks throughout development. How to predict the genotype-phenotype relationship from genes and gene products ?

Dynamics of adaptation

How do biological networks (genes, metabolism, proteins) evolve within a population ? Which relationship with the evolution of life-history traits ?