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DEAP Research Topics

Our research aims to manage and enhance the cultivated diversity for the agro-ecological transition. They are based on three methodologies, (i) mechanistic modelling and simulation, (ii) statistical modelling for inference and prediction, and (iii) participatory design and experimentation. Our model species is bread wheat.



working on wheat: field and in silico


Axis 1. Optimization of intra-parcel genetic diversity

  • ecophysiology-genetic modeling of a heterogeneous stand:
    • model development of competition for light: WALTer (Lecarpentier et al., 2019)
    • impact of plant-plant interactions on the evolution of mixtures: PhD E. Blanc
  • methodology for the selection of variety and species associations:
    • model development for the genetics of mixing ability: GMA/SMA (Forst et al., 2019)
    • design of new breeding programs for mixing ability
  • participatory design of varietal mixtures:
    • assembly of varieties for the adaptation to the local context
    • better integrate GxExM interactions in organic agriculture
    • development of a multi-criteria assessment tool

Projects: Wheatamix, PICRI, LIVESEED, CASABio, ReMIX

Major academic collaborators: T. Mary-Huard, P. Barbillon, A. Gauffreteau, V. Allard, B. Haug

Non-academic partners: ITAB, GAB Ile-de-France, Chambres d‘Agriculture, TERRENA, FiBL, ARVALIS


Axis 2. Network management – Decentralized participatory selection – Landscape diversity

  • modeling of management and on-farm selection networks:
    • development of a simulation software for cultivated metapopulations: CropMetapop
    • modelling the evolution of populations in a seed exchange network
  • selection and participatory on-farm evaluation methodology: PhD G. VanFrank
    • optimization of decentralized evaluation of on-farm populations
    • characterization of natural and human selection pressures
    • evaluation of selection schemes for population mixtures
  • Varietal deployment at the landscape scale:
    • evolution of genetic diversity at the departmental level
    • deployment of resistance at the European scale and sustainability

Projects: Diversifood, Solibam, UGeBio, RustWatch

Major academic collaborators: M. Thomas, P. Barbillon, E. Berthet, O. David, Y. de Oliveira, M. Hovmoller

Non-academic partners: RSP, RSR


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INRA has published a dossier on "Conventional or participatory selection, several strategies for organic wheat", which can be consulted on the institute's website, where the work of the DEAP team can be found.