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Ecological genomics of apple-aphid interaction


> Contact : Amandine CORNILLE ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


I am initiating a project on the adaptive genomics of apple-aphid interactions in the context of domestication.

This project aims at understanding the impact of apple domestication on the adaptation of a major apple aphid pest Dysaphis plantaginea (the rosy apple aphid), to its apple hosts in Eurasia, the cultivated (Malus domestica) and wild apples (Malus sylvestris, Malus sieversii and Malus orientalis).

Current projects

Origin, spread and demographic history of the major apple aphid pest in Eurasia using SSR

> Funding: LaBex BASC

A crucial first step to this project is to determine the worldwide spread routes, the genetic diversity and genetic structure of the Rosy apple aphid using population genetic approaches.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A MASTER 2 STUDENT - Duration : 6 months, january 2018 – june 2018 or february 2018 – july 2018, starting dates are flexible, contact Amandine CORNILLE for further discussions.

De novo sequencing of the Rosid Apple Aphid (Dysaphis plantaginea) genome

> Funding: IDEEV

> Collaborators:

  • at GQE-Le Moulon: Pierre Gérard (DyGAP), Harry Belcram (ABI), Johan Joets (ABI), Myriam Harry (EGCE)
  • IDEEV: Valérie Geffroy (IPS2), Tatiana Giraud (IESE)
  • out of IDEEV: Jean-Christophe Simon (INRA, Rennes), Fabrice Legeai (Plateforme de bioinformatique des arthropodes des agro-ecosystèmes, BIPAA, INRA Rennes), Dominique Levenier (GenScale, CNRS).

Adaptive genomics of apple domestication using resequencing data

> Funding: BASC and IDEEV

> Collaborator: Maud Tenaillon (GQE, Moulon) and Tatiana Giraud (ESE, Orsay).


Population genetic structure and diversity of the Hyrvanian apple populations in Iran

> Funding: Campus France GUNDISHAPUR

> Collaborator: Dr. Hamed Yousefzadeh


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