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Transverse team

The molecular biology facility (ACEP, Atelier Cartographie, Expression et Polymorphisme) Head Matthieu Falque, INRA

The facility includes 6 engineers and technicians, and offers expertise, technological watch, training and support for the projects of the laboratory. It is oriented towards (i) genetic mapping and molecular markers, (ii) sequence polymorphism analysis and (iii) gene expression studies. This facility is organized to analyze large numbers of plant samples over short periods of time, due to the seasonal constraints of marker-assisted breeding.

The bioinformatics and IT facility (ABI, Atelier Bioinformatique et Informatique) Aadministrative responsability Olivier Martin, INRA

The 3 groups of the facility provide analysis of genomes and sequences (ABI-AnaSeq, Johann Joets, INRA), development of programs and databases for genetics and genomics (ABI-SOFT, Delphine Steinbach, INRA) and computing services (ABI-SYS, Olivier Langella, CNRS).