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ActionMap : Automation of loci assignment to a framework map

ActionMap : Automation of loci assignment to a framework map

Project team Guillaume Albini, Matthieu Falque & Johann Joets

Genetic linkage computation may be a repetitive and time-consuming task, especially when numerous loci are assigned to a framework map. We thus developed ActionMap, a web-based software that automates genetic mapping on a fixed framework map. Using this tool, hundreds of loci may be automatically assigned to the framework in a single process.
ActionMap was initially developed to map numerous ESTs with a small plant mapping population, and is limited to inbred lines and backcrosses.
ActionMap is highly configurable and consists of Perl and PHP scripts that automate command steps for the MapMaker program. A set of web-forms were designed for data import and mapping settings. Results of automatic mapping can be displayed as tables or drawings of maps and may be exported. The user may create personal access-restricted projects to store raw data, settings and mapping results. All data may be edited, updated or deleted. ActionMap may be used either on line or downloaded for free.



The ActionMap package is available for free here



Albini G, Falque M, Joets  J. ActionMap: A web-based software that automates loci asignments to a framework maps. Nucleic Acids Res. (2003) Jul 1;31(13):3815-8