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SHiNeMaS (Seeds History and Network Management System)


Project team Yannick De Oliveira, Pierre Rivière, Sophie Pin, Marie Lefebvre, Laura Burlot, Isabelle Goldringer, Johann Joets
Previous staff Darkawi Madi, Mathieu Thomas


The establishment of a durable management of the biodiversity is an important issue because maintaining the genetic diversity determines the capacity of a population to adapt to the future changes, whether it is linked to environment, a society request, or the needs of farmers.

Some farmers, grouped within the Réseau Semences Paysannes (RSP), participate to this biodiversity management, by farming and exchanging wheat variety. A collaboration between I. Goldringer team (DEAP) and the RSP started in 2003.

The research team try to understand the impact of farming practices and seeds exchanges on the structure of the biodiversity in the case of wheat.

Thus, a database (ShiNeMaS) has been developed to store all data produced in the differents farms implied in the project during several years (diffusions of seeds, mixture, varieties creation, reproductions, data on farming practices, phenotyping and genetic)