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Project team Alain Charcosset, Johann Joets, Guy-Ross Assoumou-Ella , Delphine Madur, Yannick de Oliveira
Previous staff Ala Eddine Tlijani


Genetic association studies try to reveal significant association between phenotypic traits and genotyping values considering the side effect of the admixture.

In order to facilitate this diagnosis, managing germplasm within a database is both essential and required. For this purpose thaliadb project aims to afford a database to store and maintain genetic resources.

Thaliadb project was started on 2004. The data model represents many aspects, genotyping, phenotyping, genetic resources (individual, inbred line,...), and population structure of accessions described in the database. Thalia database enables data export in order to be analysed via third genetic association software.

In current development, we are looking for including new molecular markers (such as CNV) and enhancing the genealogy of individuals. In addition, we are focusing on enabling further options to easily consult and analyse data. These options are under developing and will be added later.

Finally, thalia database is intended for use primarily by genetics researchers and it is accessible on demand via the net. Users seeking access to it are urged to consult thalia database manager.

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You can access to the public Thaliadb web portal here.