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Génétique Quantitative et Évolution - Le Moulon
INRA - Université Paris-Sud - CNRS - AgroParisTech
Ferme du Moulon
F-91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
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Tel +33 (0)1 69 33 23 35



> Education and Positions

Senior Researcher (DR1) Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)
Deputy director of UMR Quantitative Genetics & Evolution - Le Moulon
Head of GQMS team (Quantitative Genetics and Selection Methods)
1990: PHD thesis INA-PG
1986: ingénieur Agronome and MS in Plant Breeding INA-PG (present AgroParisTech)


> Research interests: Maize diversity, quantitative traits, breeding methods

My current research aims at

understanding how maize genetic European diversity is organized and shaped by past and ongoing selection programs, in order to facilitate the identification of original diversity sources to be used in genetics studies and breeding programs.
determining genetic effects involved in the variation of quantitative traits of agronomical interest. To do so, we develop(ed) QTL meta-analysis methods, association mapping panels, and original multiparental QTL mapping populations to rank multiple alleles and address non additive effects.
developing marker assisted breeding methods, based on the assembly of favorable alleles at detected QTLs or global genomic prediction, with a specific focus on population optimization.

These research involve dense genotyping of genetic resources or newly created materials and their phenotyping, conducted within our group and by collaborators. I am also involved in the development of informatics tools to facilitate data management / analysis.

Main ongoing / recent external collaborators

Brigitte Gouesnard (INRA, AGAP Montpellier) - François Tardieu and Claude Welcker  (INRA LEPSE Montpellier) - Catherine Giauffret (INRA Mons), INRA EPGV Evry - J. Laborde, C. Palaffre and colleagues (INRA Saint-Martin de Hinx)
Fred van Eeuwijk (WUR, Netherlands) - Chris-Carolyn Schoen (TUM, Germany) - Albrecht Melchinger (Univ. Hohenheim, Germany) - Pedro Revilla (CSIS, Spain) - Jesus Moreno-Gonzalez (CIAM, Spain)
CIMMYT - Integrated Breeding Platform Consortium
Biogemma - Euralis - Syngenta - RAGT - Limagrain - KWS, Maïsadour - Caussade - Promaïs association.

Main ongoing / recent project responsibilities and community implication

Coordinator of Amaizing Project (ANR investment for the Future, 2011- )
Coordinator of CornFed Project (2009-2014, Germany, France, Spain), WP leader in UE DROPS project (2011-2015)
Coordinator of Promaïs projects related to maize diversity analysis and exploitation
Coordinator of INRA Maize Genetics and Breeding program (1994- )
Member of the scientific council of INRA “Plant Biology and Improvement” department (2011-2016)
Associate editor for Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2004 -) and Genetics (2010- )
President of Eucarpia Maize and Sorghum section (2015- ), organization of 2015 section conference
Vice-Chair of Maize Steering Committee (2016- )


Prix Jean Dufrenoy (main award of French Agricultural Academy, 2003),
Chevalier du Mérite Agricole (national distinction for contribution to French agriculture, 2013)


> Selected recent publications

  1. Allier A, Teyssèdre S, Lehermeier C, Charcosset A, Moreau L (2019b) Genomic prediction with a maize collaborative panel: identification of genetic resources to enrich elite breeding programs. Theor Appl Genet,
  2. Negro S. S., Millet E. J., Madur D., Bauland C., Combes V., Welcker C., Tardieu F., Welcker C. Tardieu F., Charcosset A. and Nicolas S. D. (2019) Genotyping-by-sequencing and SNP-arrays are complementary for detecting quantitative trait loci by tagging different haplotypes in association studies. BMC Plant Biol 19 (1), 318. doi:10.1186/s12870-019-1926-4
  3. Blein-Nicolas M., Negro S.S., Balliau T.,  Welcker C., Cabrera Bosquet L., Nicolas S.D., Charcosset A. and Zivy M. (2019) Integrating proteomics and genomics into systems genetics provides novel insights into the mechanisms of drought tolerance in maize. Under consideration at Nature Communications, available at bioRxiv
  4. Millet E. J., Kruijer W., Coupel-Ledru A., Alvarez Prado S., Cabrera-Bosquet L., Lacube S., Charcosset A., Welcker C., Eeuwijk F. van, Tardieu F. (2019) Genomic prediction of maize yield across European environmental conditions. Nature Genetics, 51 (6) 952-956. doi:10.1038/s41588-019-0414-y
  5. Allier A., Moreau L., Charcosset A., Teyssèdre S., Lehermeier C. (2019) Usefulness Criterion and Post-selection Parental Contributions in Multi-parental Crosses: Application to Polygenic Trait Introgression. G3 (Bethesda, Md.), 9 (5) 1469–1479. doi:10.1534/g3.119.400129
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  7. Seye A. I., Bauland C., Giraud H., Mechin V., Reymond M., Charcosset A. and Moreau L. (2019) Quantitative trait loci mapping in hybrids between Dent and Flint maize multiparental populations reveals group-specific QTL for silage quality traits with variable pleiotropic effects on yield. Theor Appl Genet, 132 (5) 1523–1542. doi:10.1007/s00122-019-03296-2.
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> Selected text available on line

Le fait hybride, A. Charcosset, 2004 (pdf, French)