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Olivier Martin

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Rozenn Le Guyader

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Thierry Balliau

The Plant Genetics Unit (UMR de Génétique Végétale du Moulon) leads research in genetics, genomics and evolution of complex traits (multifactorial genetics).

In this general context, even though we rely on the molecular level, we focus on integrated levels, from genes and metabolic networks to populations or varieties.

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This multi-scale approach requires methodological developments in modelling, bioinformatics, population genetics, selection methods, systems biology and proteomics (we have created and manage the platform PAPPSO, labeled IBiSA).

Our goal is twofold:

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- Provide knowledge's in fundamental multifactorial genetics in the fields of modelling quantitative variation, evolution of quantitative traits, search for genes with quantitative effects and dynamics of genetic resources

- Improving plant breeding methods by combining genomics and genetic resources management. The target traits are related to growth, development and adaptation.

Our biological models are mainly crops (maize, wheat, Brassica), but specific issues (modelling recombination), or systems biology approaches have imposed more appropriate models (Arabidopsis, yeast, E. coli).
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